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Instructions for the use of audioscript from this website

You can download the audioscript from this website, print the city map, and play the mp3 tracks on your personal player.

Data Downloads

To download the data click the links on the Downloads page. Your bowser should then allow to save or open the data. In most browsers you can also save the data onto your computer by right clicking and choosing the instruction "Save link as ..." from the context menu.

View / print City plan

The city map is presented in pdf format. To view and print, a pdf reader is required, as for example Acrobat Reader.

Unzip mp3-tracks

The mp3 tracks are prepared as single tracks and in zip format. Please use the zip package to download the complete audioscript with all tracks in one step. After downloading, the archive must be unpacked with an archiver application. For this purpose you can use the functionality of your operating system (Explorer, unzip, StuffIt) or to install one of the numerous archiver applications.

To Play mp3 Tracks

Copy the unpacked mp3 tracks into a separate folder on your mp3 Player. If you use the synchronization functionality of a software like iTunes, you can also unzip or copy the tracks into the sychronization folder and sychronize the player thereafter. Afterwards, you should be able to play the tracks one by one and use the navigation fuctionality of your player.

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