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audioscript on the persecution and annihilation of Jews in Dresden 1933 - 1945

The audioscript is a city walk to a number of sites that illustrate the antisemitic persecution under National Socialism as well as the ways it is perceived and reflected today. It uses 13 tracks for its examination of the historical, local, philosophical and artistic discourses on the Shoah.

Some of the tracks approach the places essayistically or by bringing specific perspectives together. Others make use of fictional dialogues which outline current everyday conversations about the National Socialist period. The protagonists hold a variety of political opinions and come from different social backgrounds.

What is always shown is the history of the particular place and the crimes committed there. Two coordinates serve the discussion beyond the specific place: The individual's experience of suffering and the autobiographical material of the survivors are central. They correspond with quotations from a critical theory that does not historicize Auschwitz, but regards it as a civilisational rupture and takes it as a starting point for all philosophical thought.

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